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Derma Protect

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10m x 15cm Roll.

A Transparent adhesive film, Designed to protect and heal your new tattoo. This Polyurethane film is waterproof, Hypoallergenic and permeable to skin perspiration. This allows your skin to breathe whilst creating a barrier to all unwanted bacteria, preventing any infections.

Take the stress out of the healing process and boost your healing time in comfort with your DERMA PROTECT!


  • Clean and dry affected area.
  • Cut film to desired length.
  • Peel off protected paper and apply face down onto the skin.
  • Gently but firmly press down onto the skin.(Ensure film is fully adhered to the skin).
  • Then peel back arrowed cover.

This can be left for several days, if you wish to reapply the film after the first 12-48 hours then clean and dry the skin and repeat the above process.


Lift corner of film and gently pull along the skin surface to avoid breaking, you can apply warm water if you run into any difficulty.